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Designing, manufacturing and selling professional clothes, overalls, and promo-form.
Work footwear and individual defense means delivery.

Company Kvant has been in the work and corporate clothes market for already more than 15 years. Throughout all these years we have acquired invaluable experience and have proved to be a professional manufacturer of both beautiful and quality goods. Our designers were trained by design SW, and have Grafis certificates (Germany). The European degree of service is supported by extensive experience of our design group with foreign companies and VIP-clients.
Our company continually takes part in various international exhibitions and forums and gets numerous diplomas and prizes.

We aim at improving the range and quality of our goods all the time and put a special emphasis on our RND department which keeps in constant touch with our current customers to improve the production.
Our expertise grows with the time and the best time test is our satisfied clientele who continue using our services again and again.

  • We are happy to meet our customers' demands as promptly and swiftly as possible and so constantly update our lineup taking recent trends into account.
  • We offer the best value for money.
  • We offer customized service for each and every client.
  • We solve any problems and we fulfill the most daring and unusual projects and are never afraid to face any challenge!
  • We always meet the deadlines despite the amount of orders!
Kvant company main work outlines:
  • Designing and manufacturing of all kinds of work clothes.
  • Corporate clothes and uniforms.
  • Delivery of special footwear and individual defense means.
  • Work clothes servicing and letting.
  • Promo-form and accessories.
  • Embroider and press logos production.

Designing, manufacturing and selling work clothes, including special ones - alarm, fire-resistant and antistatic - focused on being both comfortable and functional as possible ensuring workers safety and comfort in any given area. Our company uses cutting edge technologies, up-to-date light-reflective materials, newest fabrics and accessories to satisfy the needs of any possible company and to meet State Standard Specifications requirements and regulations. Increase your personnel efficiency by just dressing them up!

Corporate clothes, their design and manufacturing is one of the company's priorities.

Trust our experts to make use of their long-term experience and professional knowledge to create unique collections of corporate clothes for various fields of activity. Our clothes combine esthetic and functional requirements in any model. Create unique company image with us!!

Work clothes servicing and letting.

Overalls should be regularly exposed to special processing in order to retain their protective properties and still keep them looking neat and tidy. The group of companies Kvant not only develops and makes overalls, but also offers services in its further servicing. We do washing, dry-cleaning, repairing and clothes replacement for both summer assortment, and winter one.
System UniRent, one the companies making up the Kvant group, will be happy to offer you working clothes for rent.
Overalls rent gives you a chance to avoid the unnecessary large investments into purchasing clothes and storing huge supplies of unclaimed overalls.
Let the professionals do all the hard work for you! (For more details visit our website www.unirentspb.ru)

Promo-form and accessories are an essential part of any BTL-action.

Bright, neat, original appearance of promoters' appearance makes the promo-action a keystone to success. For more than 15 years we have rendered professional help to Russian and foreign companies in creating the image and promoting goods and services, not only developing promo-clothes models, but also creating exclusive accessories and highly artistic decor. Our well-trained and highly skilled staff can help you with the most breath-taking and daring ideas and projects. Count on active advertizing!

Embroidered and press logos.

We feel at home with all modern technologies Our embroidery machines are connected into a uniform network that allows us to carry out different kinds of embroideries simultaneously. This makes it possible to carry out up to 3000 embroideries a day. Our own embroidery workshop and also high-precision laser installation allow to choose the best design for any particular field of activity and clothes. The image on clothes will look great and keep this appearance for a long time. Quality threads of wide color scale guarantee that the embroidery won't fade. Experienced staff, up-to-date equipment and cutting edge technologies help create a unique combination of stylish and durable designs. Highlight your company's best!